TREASURE is loved by fans all over the world. To them, the boy group is their number one treasure!

If you go the other way around, however, what do the members hold dear in their lives? They revealed it all in a candid interview with News Ade. Check out their answers below!

1. Jeongwoo

First up, Jeongwoo loves the shoes that he bought sometime before his debut. He’s shown his interest in experimenting with different fashion styles with his fellow members, such as the time he tried hydro dipping with Hyunsuk and Doyoung.

2. Mashiho

Similar to Jeongwoo, Mashiho finds articles of clothing the most precious. He’s different from most people, however, as he cherishes the clothes or shoes that he personally made or altered above even branded items.

3. Yedam

Next up, Yedam always needs to have a charger on hand to ensure that he never gets disconnected from everyone online.

What is TREASURE's secret that no one knows_ 4-52 screenshot

4. Jihoon

Jihoon also had a similar answer, this time saying that he loves his phone case the most.

jihoon phone case

5. Haruto

As if they were twinning, this was almost the same thing Haruto replied: “My phone.”

haruto phone

6. Doyoung

Doyoung was unique as he had the most confident answer. His number treasure? It’s himself!

What is TREASURE's secret that no one knows_ 4-54 screenshot

Every TREASURE Maker can agree that he’s a precious human being! As a well-loved member and someone who can always be found smiling, he’s a jewel in himself.

7. Jaehyuk

Like Doyoung, Jaehyuk also treasured a person, but this time it wasn’t himself—it was his best friend, Asahi!

feature image (9)

They’re one of the closest pairs in the group as they balance each other’s personalities well.

8. Asahi

Unfortunately for Jaehyuk, Asahi didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

tmap 23

The first thing that came to mind when he was asked for his number one treasure was not his friend, but his computer!

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be!

asahi jaehyuk

9. Junkyu

Junkyu had a pragmatic reply just like Asahi: he holds his music equipment closest to his heart. He’s been spotted tinkering with it in his room in past TREASURE videos, giving fans a glimpse into his top hobby.

music equipment

He even made the theme song of the group’s mini series, 3 MINUTE TREASURE, alongside Asahi. Everyone will surely see even more of his talent in the future!

10. Yoshi

Yoshi is another TREASURE member who is often praised for his musicality. In line with this, his most prized possession is the guitar that he received as a gift from his father.

yoshi guitar
| @treasuremembers/Twitter

11. Hyunsuk

Hyunsuk—who also works on TREASURE’s music—cherishes his hard disk above all things, likely because his precious creations are stored there.

12. Junghwan

Last but certainly not the least, maknae Junghwan ended the list of replies with possibly the most wholesome one. He treasures his family the most!


To see all of TREASURE’s answers, check out the full video below!