tvN‘s True Beauty is the new talk of the town, and actor Hwang In Yeop plays the role of the high school student, Han Seo Joon, who goes to the same school as Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young) as she works hard to regain her confidence regarding her appearance.


Meanwhile, Hwang In Yeop’s appearance in school uniforms is gaining much attention among viewers.

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The reason being how well he pulls off the look despite his actual age.

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Believe it or not, Hwang In Yeop is actually 31 years old!

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But his visuals are so youthful that it suits him perfectly.


And this isn’t the first time he played a student despite the age discrepancy. Just last year, he won over the hearts of many fans through his role on JTBC‘s 18 Again just last year.


In addition to that, Hwang In Yeop played a student in the web drama, Why back in 2018.

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No one’s complaining about his streak of playing students because he truly shines in these roles.

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And age is clearly just a number.

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As Hwang In Yeop so effortlessly proves.