True Beauty‘s webtoon artist, Yaongyi, posted a message on her Instagram story that has since been deleted. The message worried many fans as it reflected some unhappiness.

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The message blames herself for not being able to balance work and childcare as a single mom.

I have no rest days. I think most working moms are like that. I stay up all night to work but not being able to spend time with my kid makes me feel even guiltier like a criminal. If I am not positive about it, I don’t think I’ll be able to hang in there so I try not to think bad thoughts. But every day I have to be mindful of how others think and extreme thoughts occur to me. There’s nothing I am doing well and it seems like I am just a nuisance to people around me… I think if I were gone, everyone would be happy.

— Yaongyi

Previously, Yaongyi admitted to being divorced with a young son. She had previously been married only for it to not work out. However, she continued to take care of her son lovingly.

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Fans have continued to cheer her on in the comments of her Instagram posts and are urging her to take care of her health.