Yaongyi is known as the beautiful author of the webtoon, True Beauty. Many have often praised her for her gorgeous looks and out-of-this-world body. Fans have even compared her to her own character, Lim Ju Gyeong.

She once answered the question that many have been curious about. Is Yaongyi a natural beauty? The webtoon artist very coolly shared on Instagram that she did her double eyelids about 10 years ago. Following that, she has only gotten small procedures rather than surgery, such as fillers and botox.

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She revealed that it was necessary as she worked as an online shopping mall model prior to her work as a webtoon artist. Now, she focuses more on non-invasive lifting procedures.

Someone also asked her about her hips and questioned if they were natural. Yaongyi was quick to shut these down with an x-ray scan of her torso.

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With a figure like this, it is no wonder many are doubting her!

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We’re in absolute support of her work and her dedication to maintaining her beauty. In other news, Yaongyi recently revealed the existence of her young son to fans.