The Kim Woo Bin-Lee Jong Suk pair once again showed how perfectly they complement one another in their latest shoot. 

Their chemistry continues to grow, both professionally as well as personally. In a short clip released by Trugen, the two stars became chic models for the brand’s upcoming fall collection.  They wear a variety of items, showcasing a set of different fall looks for men. 

Netizens responded in admiration, “Kim Woo Bin definitely has that model aura,” “Jongbin!” and “Each pose is a work of art.”

Both actors have been close buddies since their shared project, “School 2013.” Lee Jong Suk is still on board for two more episodes of “I Hear Your Voice,” which has gained overwhelming popularity over the course of the season. Kim Woo Bin has recently confirmed his role as a baddie in a new SBS drama “Heirs,” which is scheduled to premiere this October.