During his most recent Weverse visit, TXT‘s Taehyun charmed MOAs with his witty sense of humor — as he helped them with naming their in-ear headphones. Check out 8 of his funniest responses to MOAs’ requests!


1. Last Name Guil


MOA: Taehyun oppa, my last name is Gil. Can you name my AirPods using my last name please?
Taehyun: In hopes of your AirPods being strong enough to protect themselves from strangers, I suggest Guillotine Choke.


2. Takoyaki’s Best Friend


MOA: Oppa, my nickname is takoyaki. Please help me name my Galaxy buds!
Taehyun: Katsuobushi.


3. Hard Pass


MOA: My name is Jung Woo Joo*, name my AirPods please?
*woojoo in Korean is 우주 meaning the space / galaxy.
Taehyun: Your name is Galaxy but you use an Apple phone?


4. Progressive Pods


MOA: Taehyun, I have the syllable ‘Young’ in my name. Could you please name my AirPods?
Taehyun: Young and wild and free.


5. Frozen


MOA: Hehe, Taehyun. Please name my earphones too! My name is An Na (blank).
Taehyun: El Sa (blank).


6. The Handsomest Pods of Them All


MOA: Hi Taehyun, my last name is Jo. Can you please give my pods a kick ass name?
Taehyun: Jo In Sung.


7. Hopeful Thinking


MOA: I want my earphones named too! I’m an athlete and my last name is Park. Please give my earphones a good name!
Taehyun: Park Ji Sung, for good luck.


8. For Good Audio


MOA: I’m a Yoo. Please name mine…
Taehyun: Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, so the lives sound better.


Bonus. ????


MOA: Taehyun oppa, what should I name my dog? We’re the Ha family.
Taehyun: Ha-rd Drive, so the training gets saved.