Previously, TS Entertainment was reported to Seoul’s Ministry of Employment and Labor for failure to pay their employees’ wages.




TS Entertainment released an official statement in response to Sleepy’s claims about his living conditions while at their agency.

They stated, “Sleepy’s claims to the press are false. Many people think that we cut off water and electricity in the dorms of our artists, and that is completely untrue.”



They also added documents from the Korea Electric Power Corporation as evidence to show that Sleepy’s claims were false. “Here are documents received by the electric company and the apartment’s management office to show that payments were made. We may have been late in paying bills, but electricity and water were never shut off.”



TS Entertainment refuted the claims made by Sleepy and stated that they would take the appropriate actions against media sites that publish false information.




Read the full statement below:


Hello, this is TS Entertainment. Here is our official statement regarding Sleepy. First, we would like to apologize for bringing bad news to those that have supported us. We are posting this statement to prove that Sleepy’s claims regarding living conditions are false. Many people think that we cut off the water and electricity, but that is untrue.




Here are documents from the Korea Electric Power Corporation and the apartment’s management office. The following records show that the above address has never experienced water or electricity shutoffs.


Below is the document from KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) stating that there have been no electricity shutoffs at the stated residence.




Below is the document from the apartment’s management office stating that there has never been a water shutoff at the stated residence.






Sleepy’s claims that were reported by the media have caused people to believe this false information. Sleepy continues to lie about these claims even though he should know better than anyone else that his claims are false. We may have been late in paying the bills, but water and electricity have never been shut off. We will take strong legal action against media that publishes false information regarding this matter. We apologize once again for this situation. Thank you.



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