While Secret‘s Han Sun Hwa‘s recent posts on her Twitter sparked some rumors of discord among the members, their agency TS Entertainment denied such reports with an explanation on June 3.

The agency stated, “Han Sun Hwa and Jung Hana don’t have any problems with each other. That’s why we didn’t think this was serious. The rumors of discord don’t make sense at all. We read what she had posted. I think she did so because she was upset. If this was a problematic post, we would’ve asked her to delete it.”

To another news source, TS Entertainment said, “There are only four members [in the group]. They all get along well. We would’ve done something after shooting [Yaman TV] or after she posted it if we thought there was going to be a problem. We didn’t do anything because [Sun Hwa and Hana’s] relationship isn’t something like that.”

Secret is currently preparing for their fanmeeting taking place at the end of this month. An affiliate of this event said, “They are holding an Asia fanmeeting in Singapore and Taiwan on June 27 and 28. They all gathered on Monday and participated in a meeting in a good atmosphere.”

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