TST’s K will soon be heading off to fulfill his mandatory military service.

On February 20, his agency KJ Music Entertainment shared a statement on the group’s fan cafe. The statement announced that K would be enlisting on March 21.

Read the full statement below:

“This is an announcement regarding TST’s K.

Hello. This is KJ Music Entertainment. This is an announcement regarding TST member K’s military enlistment.

TST’s K will be enlisting on March 21 to fulfill his mandatory military service. He will be receiving four weeks of basic military training, after which he will be enlisted as a public service worker for approximately two years. He will sincerely fulfill his duties.

Please give TST’s K warm support so that he will be able to fulfill his service in good health. Thank you.”

TST is currently in the middle of promoting their recent release “Wake Up” as a five-member group. K will be enlisting after the group’s promotions.

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