Won Bin somehow found a way to slow down time. Several pictures of him in his early 20s has been seen floating around several online community sites to the delight of his fans.

On October 15, pictures of Won Bin during his early debut days have resurfaced proving his handsome face was not a product of man. More known for his manliness now, his earlier pictures show Won Bin with a much cuter, youthful charm reminding the public that he also went through such a phase.

Netizens who saw some of his pictures praised, “Is he really real? Or could he be a product of CG…” “I want to see Won Bin once before I die..” “Dang, he looks good then, but he’s looking better as he age,” “He needs to get insurance on his face if he hasn’t done so already.”

Take a trip down memory lane by clicking on the numbers below!

Soompiers, who else do you want to see during the rookie period?