TVXQ set an amazing record in Japan. Over the three months they were there, they made nearly $100 million in terms of sales. A representative of SM Entertainment stated, “The sales from concert tickets alone were around $76 million and the sales of MD products were around $20 million.” This is the most amount of sales that a K-Pop star has made.

During one of their concerts held at the Osaka Dome in Kyocera on April 22, Changmin stated that he is a fan of Korean baseball player “Lee Dae Ho” who is currently playing for the Japanese “Orix Buffaloes.”

Changmin stated, “The Kyocera Dome is the home field for Lee Dae Ho who is a baseball player that is Korea’s pride. I am a huge baseball fan. I hope that Lee Dae Ho will entertain you with good plays. I would like to come back to the Kyocera Dome to have a concert, but would also like to watch a baseball game here.”

In the past, Changmin had revealed that when he was younger, he wanted to be a sports reporter so that he could watch baseball games for free.