Popular Korean-pop and Japan-pop group DBSK has finally posted their own statement regarding their recent announcement of going on hiatus on their Japanese web site.

The members wrote, “To our fans and affiliates, we are sorry for causing any worries. We each will work hard in our individual fields.”

The announcement of stopping their activities as a group in Japan was released on Apr. 3 also via the band’s Japanese website.

DBSK’s Japanese management company, Avex Group stated on Apr. 3, “Tohoshinki” will pause their activities but for young people with a future and who has talents, we will support each of the 5 members activities.

From on now please watch “Junsu” “Yoochun” “Jaejoong” “Changmin” “Yunho” and take care of them.”

Three members of DBSK, Xiah Jun-soo, Hero Jae-joong and Micky Yoo-chun, have been involved in a contract dispute with their Korean management company, SM Entertainment since July 2009.

Xiah is scheduled to release a solo album on May 26 and Hero, Micky and Max will be working as actors in different pieces.

Source: JoongAng Daily
*the JoongAng Daily Article mentioned “disbandment”, but all other news sources have reported it as being a hiatus or “pause in activities” as a group.