TVXQ’s Changmin chose to give back to the community for the holiday.

On May 4, it was reported that Changmin had donated 55 million won (about $51,160) to a global children’s welfare charity known as Green Umbrella Child Fund (literal translation). In South Korea, May 5 is officially celebrated as Children’s Day.

His goal in donating was to support children suffering from illness or disease. He stated, “With Children’s Day coming up, I first thought of children who are in pain because their bodies are sick. I would like for sick children to experience the same joy as other children on Children’s Day and hope that they can achieve their dreams and grow up healthy.”

Previously, Changmin had donated 50 million won (about $46,510) with bandmate Yunho to the victims of the Pohang earthquake in November 2017, particularly to children of low-income families who required living expenses. After the earthquake, he donated an additional 20 million won (about $18,600) to rebuild orphanages and child care centers.

During his army service, Changmin also participated in a puppet performance for children about preventing crime and lent his voice, along with Yunho, to the Green Umbrella Children’s Fund’s radio campaign.

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