Before the last concert of the “TVXQ Live Tour 2012 TONE,” TVXQ held a press conference on April 23. During the press conference, Changmin stated, “Every time we go on stage this is true, but every moment of this tour was moving and I am so thankful to fans.”

Changmin reminisced about the Tokyo Dome concert last week and stated, “We were filming the concert because of the live DVD. During the song ‘Still,’ many fans were holding red lights and in a moment all of the colors changed to white. I was moved, but somebody else was so moved that he ended up in tears.”

Yunho laughed and said, “I was worried because it had been 3 years since we came to the Tokyo Dome. But once, the lights changed inside of the dome, all of these memories came back.”

Yunho continued, “I wanted to hold in my emotions but the next song was ‘Weep’ which shows our thankfulness to fans. While singing the song my emotions came up. I usually don’t cry easily, but I cried a lot that day. The switching of lights is a surprise event that fans did for us, I think I will remember it for a long time.”