TVXQ’s Yunho, Sam OKyere, and WJSN’s Luda thanked the cast and crew after the conclusion of the first season of “Dunia.”

Yunho uploaded two posts on his Instagram. In the first post, he posted behind-the-photos scenes from the last shoot, where he thanked DinDin for the photos.

In another post, he shared photos of the cast and crew on set. He remarked, “While filming ‘Dunia,’ everyone suffered in the hot summer days, but their heart to take care of each other was so warm. ‘Dunia’ family members and staff, you’ve all worked so, so hard~! Also, thanks to the ‘Dunia’ members, every moment was so happy.”

Sam Okyere also shared a photo of the cast and crew on his personal Instagram. He wrote, “‘Dunia’ came to an end today. It’s been an amazing experience working and creating this with the cast and the staff. Thank you everyone for making this experience truly worth it and magical. ‘Dunia’!!! I’ll miss you a lot. The cast and staff all worked really hard. Thank you for making it a great experience.”

In an interview, WJSN’s Luda shared, “I got to film abroad, and I was worried because I was going without my company staff members or manager. It was also my first time doing a variety show without the other members so I worried a lot. [The unreal variety show format] was one that all the cast members were curious about, but it was actually more comfortable since there wasn’t anything already decided on.”

She continued, “Everyone took really good care of me because I was the youngest. I was able to film while receiving a lot of love and affection. I worked with Yunho, Jung Hye Sung, and the others; I think I grew while receiving advice and praise.”

When asked about whether she thought she had become more known through the show, Luda laughed and answered, “Since ‘Dunia’ aired on a public broadcasting station during the golden time, I think I did. I’m thankful that I was able to show a lot of my individual charm. A lot of people recognize me for ‘Dunia’ rather than my name. They say, ‘Dunia’s Luda.’”

“Dunia” aired its last episode on September 23.

Check out the final episode below!

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