With all the competition amongst K-pop artists, it’s great to see friendships thrive, such as the friendship between the members of TWICE and I.O.I’s Jun Somi.

On April 25, TWICE held their showcase for their second mini-album in Seoul. At the showcase, member Chaeyoung spoke highly of Jun Somi. “We became very close with Jun Somi during ‘SIXTEEN.’ We were very happy that she won first place on ‘Produce 101.’ As expected, she’s been very supportive of our comeback. We still keep in close touch.”

somi supports twice

Jeongyeon added, “After ‘SIXTEEN,’ we weren’t able to meet with Somi because our schedules never matched up. We made plans to meet up at the broadcasting studio.”

Meanwhile, Jun Somi posted a screencap of TWICE’s newest title track “CHEER UP” to her Instagram account, writing, “Please flourish! The song is great, as expected of TWICE. Why are your voices so cute? I heard it topped the charts. I’m proud of you.”

Hopefully they all remain good friends for a long long time!

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