TWICE‘s Mina was spotted at the airport returning to Korea after being abroad for a personal schedule.

twice mina airport mom hand 3


She was spotted returning with her mom, as she tightly grasped onto her mom’s hand while coming out of the gate to face the mass of cameras from press and fans alike.

twice mina airport mom hand 2


Mina kept her head down, covered by a hat and mask, as she didn’t let go of her mom’s hand while making their way through the crowd.

twice mina airport mom hand 4


Many fans expressed their concern that perhaps Mina wasn’t completely healthy and ready enough to make a comeback. She had taken a 2-month hiatus due to her anxiety.

twice mina airport mom hand 6


JYP had recently revealed that Mina was dedicated to returning to TWICE promotions so they had agreed to let her participate in their upcoming album.


However, after seeing her at the airport, fans are concerned that it may be too early and that she may need more rest.

“Is there a reason to keep making her promote like this? Just let her rest”

“Being with your mom is the greatest source of strength when you’re sick and having a difficult time. Cheer up, Mina!”

“She should just rest at her home in Japan. Why does she have to keep going back and forth?”

“I personally liked Mina the best out of TWICE.. I’m sad that she looks like she’s having a hard time. I’m not sure if she’s only returning to promotions due to her contract but.. I only wish she doesn’t have to suffer so much.”

“Cheer up, Mina!”


Whether Mina is completely ready to return to promotions or not, ONCEs are more than ready to accept her decision as long as she’s happy!

twice mina airport mom hand 1


TWICE’s upcoming new album “Feeling Special” is set to drop on the 23rd at 6pm KST.