This week’s episode of On & Off is making headlines for its amazing content!

“On & Off” poster | tvN

Kim Se Jeong‘s segment for the tvN variety show became the talk of the town after a very familiar face made an appearance. The familiar face was none other than TWICE member Jihyo, who showed up on this week’s episode in support of her close friend. The two girl group members showed off their close friendship as they spent the day together during Kim Se Jeong’s “off” day.

The two beauties’ day started off with Kim Se Jeong picking up the TWICE member. During their car ride, Jihyo shared that is finally she getting to go to Kim Se Jeong’s hometown after talking about it for years.

on and off
“We talked about this for years and it’s finally happening!” | tvN

After their long drive to Gimje, the two girls stopped by a lake to have a little car date in Se Jeong’s trunk.

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“This is so nice.” | tvN

It was here that Kim Se Jeong shared the adorable story behind her friendship with Jihyo.

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By chance, we ended up using the same waiting room one day. That day, Jihyo kept looking me up and down. She got my number and kept making moves so I decided to be her friend.

— Kim Se Jeong

After their short car date, they finally made it to Kim Se Jeong’s house. In the South Korean culture, it is positively looked upon if a guest brings a small gift to a home they are being welcomed into. Jihyo proved her gorgeous and generous heart by presenting Kim Se Jeong’s mother with a massive set of hanwoo or Korean beef, which is a big delicacy in South Korea.

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“Jihyo brought hanwoo for you.” | tvN

After they settled into the home, the two ladies dressed in comfortable clothes to get down and dirty. They went out into the garden to pick out fresh chives and lettuce for their dinner.

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After coming back inside, the two girl group members started to prep for their dinner. Their menu for the evening was pajeon, or chive pancakes. While the two ladies wanted to do it all on their own, after struggling for a bit, they finally asked Kim Se Jeong’s mother for assistance.

on and off
“That’s not enough oil!” | tvN

To go along with their chive pancakes, Kim Se Jeong decided to surprise Jihyo by pulling out a big container full of yakju, or Korean medicinal alcohol.

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“I didn’t tell my mom, but let’s drink yakju.” | tvN

The excitement filled the girls’ faces as they each drank one cup of it. They couldn’t believe the sweet taste!

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“This doesn’t taste like alcohol!” | tvN

So naturally, they decided to grab another container of different alcohol.

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“This one has been fermenting for a little longer.” | tvN

After struggling to open the massive container, the two decided to treat themselves to another glass of liquor.

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“Whoa this one is strong!” | tvN

The taste test session of medicinal alcohol was over and the two girls decided that they enjoyed the previous bottle of alcohol more. After grabbing their liquor and their food, they both headed into….

on and off
“The time has come for our next course.” | tvN

…Kim Se Jeong’s personal karaoke room! Yup, you read that correctly. Kim Se Jeong’s home has their very own karaoke set up, in which the two vocalists sang their hearts out.

on and off
Caption: “After their backs touch…” | tvN

We absolutely love these two and their adorable friendship! You can watch the entire segment of Kim Se Jeong and Jihyo on On & Off down below.