TWICE‘s fifth anniversary is almost here, and they have been releasing many videos to celebrate.


In a recently released video called “ONCE upon a TWICE, 5 Years“, the members spoke on their journey to becoming one of the biggest girl groups in K-Pop. During the video, Mina shared a touching story about how leader Jihyo reacted when she decided to come back from her hiatus.

Mina (Left) & Jihyo (Right)

In 2019, it was announced that Mina was going to take a break from her activities, as she was struggling with extreme anxiety and insecurity. Mina made her return a few months later, but this wasn’t an easy decision. Mina revealed that when she was getting ready to return, she felt a lot of fear.

However, that’s when Jihyo told her, “We can do this together. Just start slowly by doing what you can manage“.

These kind words meant a lot to Mina and helped her tremendously with her return.

Here’s the full video below!