For the past 6 years, TWICE‘s Momo has been the group’s adorable, yet sexy main dancer, and continues to wow with her talents and visuals!

momo 5

As the group’s concept mostly centered around a pure and cute concept, Momo was mostly seen in attire and makeup that fit the concept, such as light makeup and bright fashion!

momo 6

And now, in a behind-the-scenes video for her performance project, Momo shared that for her performances, she’s trying something she’s never tried before as a TWICE member!

As she was getting her makeup put on, Momo revealed that as a TWICE member, she’s never worn a full red lip before, and her dance performance of “TADOW” would be the first time she would be performing with it!

I’m wearing a red lip today. As a member of TWICE, I’ve never worn a red lip before! So I’m wearing one today.


She then talked about how Nayeon was probably the only member who wore red lipstick a lot!

I think Nayeon wore it a lot! I’ve never seen the other girls wearing it.


Momo with red lipstick is fierce AF!

momo 1.png

Watch her talk about it here!