TWICE recently returned to the K-Pop scene with their comeback “Alcohol-Free.” It’s a cute and lively song that is quickly becoming the summer anthem of fans all over the world.

| JYP Entertainment

With her sweet personality and girl-next-door visuals, Nayeon was right at home with this concept. Check out some of her best parts in the music video below!

1. Her Visuals

Summer arrives whenever Nayeon appears!

2. Her Dance

The way she shimmies in the chorus is the cutest. ????

3. Her Vocals

Nayeon’s voice is as sweet as honey.

4. Her Style

The refreshing concept fits her well!

5. Her Happiness

One of the best parts about Nayeon is her gummy smile!

6. Her Gaze

Nayeon can captivate anyone with her gaze.

7. Her Star Power

Under the blue skies, she shines!

She’s fresh, alright.

TWICE _Alcohol-Free_ M_V 0-17 screenshot
Nayeon | JYP Entertainment/YouTube  

8. Her Charisma

Now how about a bit of little red? She owns this color as well!

Everyone can agree.

TWICE _Alcohol-Free_ M_V 1-49 screenshot
Nayeon | JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

9. Her Wings

She flew right into our hearts.

10. Her Smile

And finally, just a simple smile makes ONCEs swoon.

TWICE _Alcohol-Free_ M_V 1-53 screenshot
Nayeon | JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the full music video below!