During a 2017 solo broadcast with fans, TWICE‘s Nayeon revealed several “embarrassing” photos of Jeongyeon to her viewers. She didn’t think Jeongyeon was watching her broadcast, but she soon learned that wasn’t the case at all!


It all started with one particular pre-debut photo of Jeongyeon posing in front of a bathroom mirror.


Nayeon later revealed another photo of Jeongyeon—this time one where she was removing her makeup. According to Nayeon, Jeongyeon always removes her makeup after work.


Jeongyeon wasn’t there physically to protest the photos being shown, so Nayeon may have thought she was off the hook. Unluckily for her, however, it didn’t take long for Jeongyeon to send her a message!


Screenshot 2021-01-08 182722

Hilariously, Jeongyeon threatened Nayeon with exposing her own embarrassing photos.

You will pay for this. You know I got a lot of stuff on my laptop, right?

— Jeongyeon

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To this, Nayeon confidently stated that she wouldn’t mind if Jeongyeon shared the photos to the world because she is “not afraid at all“.

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Jeongyeon personally called Nayeon after that to warn her of what she’ll do…

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…all while Nayeon simply pretended that there was bad signal and dropped the call.


Imagine how many more golden pre-debut pictures the two have hiding? Watch the full interaction in the clip below: