TWICE has announced the release of a surprise digital single for their fans!

Just before midnight on April 30, JYP Entertainment surprised fans by revealing that TWICE would be wrapping up their latest round of promotions with a digital release of their song “Stuck.”

In an official statement posted to its website, the agency wrote, “ONCE [TWICE’s fan club name], in order to assuage your disappointment that [TWICE’s] ‘What is Love?‘ promotions have ended, we have prepared a small, precious surprise for you. On April 30 at 6 p.m., the song ‘Stuck,’ which is dedicated to ONCE and TWICE, will be released through various music sites.”

JYP Entertainment also explained that the lyrics for the song were meant to depict the relationship between TWICE and their fans. The agency stated, “[‘Stuck’] is a song that delicately portrays the feeling of falling in love. According to the lyricist, the lyrics for ‘Stuck’ were written with the relationship between ONCE and TWICE in mind.”

“Stuck” was previously released on April 9 as a CD-only track on the physical album “What is Love?”, but was not available for digital purchase or streaming.

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