After news that solo artist Chungha was confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus, JYP Entertainment released a statement that TWICE‘s Sana had recently come into close contact with Chungha. Sana has since been sent for testing and is awaiting results.


Not only was it reported that Sana had gone for testing, the rest of the members and staff who have worked in close contact with Sana have all gone for testing as well. They are currently awaiting the results of their test and will be reporting on the results as soon as possible.


All activities for the group and Chungha have halted for the time being. However, this concerns fans of other groups as well given that TWICE recently attended the 2020 MAMA on 6 December 2020. Although groups did not gather on stage and wore masks, many gathered around the parking lots during down time. Masks were also taken off for speeches.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the matter.

| @JYPEtwice/Twitter