TWICE, who recently released their new album Eyes Wide Open and title track “I CAN’T STOP ME”, revealed their thoughts on their comeback.

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Their new album topped the iTunes Album Charts in 32 countries as well as ranked number one on Japan and Chinese music charts, proving their global popularity.

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In order to celebrate the comeback for TWICE, they held a Q&A session with Newsen. Aside from talking about the album and the lyrics, they also answered some fun questions too.

Just like the title song “I CAN’T STOP ME”, are there any guilty pleasures that you might have?

Nayeon: When I make fun of the members. It’s really fun playing around with them, especially Momo and Tzuyu.

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Jihyo: I feel my guilty pleasure these days when I play games. I’m playing a game where I have to deceive the opponent and it feels good when I win.

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Tzuyu: I try not to eat bread when I think about my health. The few instances that I do eat it, I feel like I can’t control myself just like the lyrics in “I CAN’T STOP ME.”

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You have had 13 consecutive hit songs since debut. What do you think is the reason for this amazing record.

Momo: Honestly, we never thought we would receive this much love. Above all else, we have worked really hard for each comeback to bring a better image and better stage. I think a lot of people like and support the fact that we focus on our performance and music to try and create a higher quality outcome. We really appreciate and thank those that love our performance videos.

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Sana: I think TWICE’s energy is our biggest asset. A lot of people really love our bright and healthy energy! I think because all the members are close on and off stage, it shows naturally. I think fans enjoy and love our natural selves!

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Dahyun: This is all thanks to our fans. Every time we prepare our album, we think of our fans and that makes us work even harder. I think we naturally improve and grow as we think about what our fans would like to see and what they would like. We are able to achieve all these things because of ONCE.

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In terms of any TMI while preparing for this album, Mina commented, “The lighting burst while we were filming the music video. The staff and members all clapped and said ‘This album is going to be a hit!’”

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This year also marked the group’s five year anniversary since debut. Chaeyoung stated, “The five year anniversary interview was really meaningful. Even though they are the same questions each time, my answers are different every year. I was able to reflect on myself as we were holding the interview. It was a precious time that allowed me to organize my thoughts and think deeply about the members and our fans.”

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Watch the official music video below!