TWICE has made their comeback with “Yes or Yes!

On November 5, the girl group held a showcase for their new mini album at the KBS Arena Hall.

Ever since the release of “Cheer Up,” TWICE had gotten No. 1 with every comeback. During the showcase, the reporters asked if they were confident that “Yes or Yes” could also get No. 1 and TWICE shared their realistic expectations.

Nayeon said, “Because so many people love our music, we work hard to prepare every time we release a song. We would be grateful if ‘Yes or Yes’ took No. 1 and more people loved our music, but in November there are a lot of senior artists who are making their comeback too. There are a lot of songs coming out, so we will not expect anything. We decided together that we will not be disappointed if it turns out that we don’t get No. 1.”

TWICE dropped their album and music video on November 5 at 6 p.m. KST. Since then, “Yes or Yes” has reached No. 1 on all six major realtime charts in Korea.

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