TWICE recently held a showcase for the release of their new mini album “What Is Love?

On the album, Jihyo participated in writing the lyrics for “HO!” and Chaeyoung and Jungyeon participated in writing the lyrics for “Sweet Talker.” The girl group said, “The members who wanted to write lyrics were able to do so. We wrote the lyrics with an excited young girl’s feelings in mind.”

Chaeyoung said, “Jungyeon started ‘Sweet Talker’ first and had written about half of it before I joined her. The song is about getting your head straight and not falling for sweet words.”

She added, “Nayeon recorded the guide vocals while we were working on the song in Japan. We used the recording equipment for the first time in a Japanese hotel and there were a lot of mistakes at first. It took over two hours for the three of us but we kept working hard. It was a good experience.”

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