TWICE, just 10 months after debut, has matched Wonder Girls’ all-time girl group record for longest run of a song in Melon’s weekly top 10 — 17 weeks.

TWICE hit week 17 with “Cheer Up” in the third week of August, surpassing EXID’s “Up & Down” (with a 13-week run in the top 10), Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” (14 weeks), Wonder Girls’ “So Hot” (14 weeks), and Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” (16 weeks).

“Cheer Up” is now right up there with Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me,” which stayed in the top 10 for 17 weeks back when it was released in 2007. Even amid a slew of releases from groups like EXO, I.O.I, BLACKPINK, and even “Show Me the Money,” “Cheer Up” showed immense staying power. The lowest point for “Cheer Up” during its 17-week run was mid-July, when it dropped to no. 8.

Meanwhile, “Cheer Up” very well may be the most-streamed song on Gaon for 2016. As of the second week of August, the song has accumulated over 74.6 million streams, and is being played over 3 million times a week on the site.

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