Since all groups have so many members with different personalities, it’s only natural for some of them to be a bit more introverted than others. In TWICE, there’s no mistaking that Tzuyu and Mina are those members.

Although fans love their quiet personalities, the girls revealed why they’re so reserved during their last appearance on the variety show Radio Star.

twice tzuyu mina momo

At one point, Mina recalled a moment where a fan had voiced their desire to hear her speak more. “Right, because I don’t speak much. When I was on a radio show, someone wrote, ‘I want to hear Mina’s voice.’

That was the perfect opening for Nayeon to step in and clear up the misunderstanding. In Mina’s case, Nayeon revealed that she spoke more than people thought.

1 twice radio star mina

Making them all laugh, Nayeon shared that Mina spoke so softly that they could barely make out what she says. “Mina speaks, but we can’t hear her well.” The situation was different for Tzuyu.

2 twice radio star nayeon

In the same way that she rarely showed affection, Nayeon admitted that their maknae mostly kept her thoughts to herself. “Tzuyu really doesn’t talk.

3 twice radio star nayeon

Even Tzuyu couldn’t deny it, also sharing that she’s at her quietest when filming for TV. “Well, I talk… But, I don’t talk much on TV shows.

4 twice radio star tzuyu

Mina and Tzuyu may be the quietest members, but that doesn’t stop them from adding to the lovely chaos that is sometimes TWICE.