It’s not out of the blue to claim that TWICE’s Jihyo and Kang Daniel are probably the couple of the year. With their incredible talent, eye-catching visuals, and loving personalities, fans can’t help but support the two.

jihyo kang daniel instagram 1

Luckily for all their supporters, Jihyo was allegedly sending messages to Daniel via Instagram!


Jihyo was seen to be using a peach emoji in her selfie. Many fans of Daniel know that he is often compared to a peach ever since his Produce 101 days.

daniel peach

Some believed that the assumption was too far-fetched.

There are seriously no celebrities who have never been compared to a peach though.

– Korean Netizen

They wondered if everyone who uses the peach is alluding to Daniel.

Me too, I always use that peach filter, does that make me a Kang Daniel Fan? This filter is so common, how is this a lovestagram? Unless his name is Kang Peach?

– Korean Netizen


Despite that, many were also hoping that their “lovestagram” was real.

But she’s definitely doing this because they’re dating. She must know his nickname is peach.

– Korean Netizen

What do you think about the situation?