TWICE’s Mina revealed she has registered as an organ donor in Korea.

On December 27, Mina uploaded pictures of her organ donor registration cards for Korea and Japan to the group’s official Instagram account.

In the accompanying caption, she wrote, “ONCEs!! Are you enjoying the last few days of this year? Today is TWICE’s 800th day since debut! Congrats congrats~  Therefore, I registered as an organ donor [in Korea] to wrap up this year! ONCEs, who always support us and give us strength! Thank you so so much! Have a good day today~” Mina included a message in Japanese in the caption as well.

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원스 여러분!! 올해 마무리 잘하고 계시나요?? 오늘은 저희 트와이스 데뷔 800일이 된 날이에요!! 축하축하 ~ ㅎㅎ 그래서 제가 올해 마무리로 장기기증 희망 등록증을 만들었습니다!! 항상 응원해주시고 힘이 되어주시는 원스 여러분 !! 정말 정말 고마워요 !! 오늘도 좋은 하루 보내세요~ ❤️ 今日で私たちTWICEがデビュー800日を迎えました!ワンスの皆さん本当にありがとうございます❤️ そして!私は日頃から考えていた臓器提供意思表示カードをつくりました!皆さん風邪に気をつけて今日も素敵な日をおくってくださいね〜?

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TWICE recently made a comeback on December 11 with the title track “Heart Shaker.

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