TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a shy person, so it’s harder for her to make friends like all introverts. But, she was able to make a close one in CLC‘s Elkie.

twice tzuyu

They could’ve bonded over the facts that they’re both idols and they’re both Chinese. But, they’ve probably learned more about each other over the years since they started their friendship in 2017.

clc elkie

Ever since then, they’ve been friendship goals. Like this time they met up at Dream Concert to spend quality time with each other by catching up and taking selcas.

Or, when Elkie attended TWICE’s concert to support her friend. And, she even had their light stick.

twice tzuyu clc elkie

They even make sure to meet up with each other despite their busy schedules.

twice tzuyu clc elkie

And, check out the matching outfits. How cute is that?

twice tzuyu clc elkie

Elkie even knows Tzuyu’s angles to take the perfect photos. If that’s not true friendship combined with everything else they do together, nothing is.

twice tzuyu twice tzuyu