Through KBS Cool FM‘s Kiss The Radio, TXT‘s Beomgyu is stepping into the spotlight as a temporary guest co-host. When sharing photos from his first recording, fans spotted a ring on his finger and were touched to find out the meaning went far beyond a fashion accessory.

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| kisstheradio/Instagram

On Beomgyu’s left hand, he wore a ring that caught attention for its unique design of not being a complete circle. When MOAs discovered the brand, they discovered it wasn’t a typical ring, but one received through UNICEF.

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| kisstheradio/Instagram

The silver ring is UNICEF’s Safety Ring and is given to individuals who are regular sponsors of the For Every Child campaign.

Taking on the shape of a safety pin, the ring is “a symbol of precious promise to protect all children who need help.

unicef for every child promise hope ring

Realizing he’d been donating to an organization striving to help others, fans noted that he is truly living up to his nickname Angel.

In fact, fans are following his example and doing their best to chip in what they can to help those children in need.

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While Beomgyu is putting on a smile and making fans’ day, he’s also helping others behind-the-scenes.