Alongside their impressive singing and dancing skills, the TXT members are also known for their great physiques. During a recent video for Harper’s BAZAAR, they revealed the exact daily diet that keeps their bodies so healthy and performance-ready.

1. Breakfast

Most of the TXT members start their day off right by eating their first meal as soon as they wake up. According to Taehyun, they start their days “really early in the morning“, so it’s no surprise they need to fuel up quickly.

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Hueningkai revealed that he used to eat apples for breakfast. “If I have an apple,” he explained, “It feels sort of like my digestive system’s working.”

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However, nowadays, the members usually eat rice for breakfast. Their most common choice is kimchi fried rice, but they also like rice dishes with omelet, bulgogi (barbecued beef), jeyuk (spicy barbecued pork), and squid. Why so many similar dishes? Taehyun explained that since they wake up early, there’s usually only one restaurant open nearby.

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Beomgyu finds himself getting particularly thirsty in the mornings, so he also likes to drink a glass of water before eating—as long as it’s “extremely cold“, he clarified.

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2. Lunch

While TXT’s breakfasts are typically pretty similar, their lunches vary from day to day depending on their plans. Thankfully, Taehyun explained, there’s “nothing you can’t get delivered” these days, so they have plenty of options.

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Soobin says that if they have a schedule that day, they usually eat burgers.

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The members—except Yeonjun, who’d rather eat bigger meals—are also big on snacking, so they eat smaller meals throughout the day too. Hueningkai, for example, likes to snack on ice cream.

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Yeonjun is also the only member who doesn’t like to drink a soda with every meal.

3. Dinner

Surprisingly, Taehyun is actually the only member who regularly eats dinner. Since the young star likes to work out at night, he typically eats protein-filled meals for dinner, such as chicken breast.


Hueningkai, on the other hand, would rather have milk and boiled eggs for dinner—and he’ll only eat dinner if he really has to. Of course, if there’s pizza around, he can’t say no to it—but honestly, who could?

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4. Late night snacks

Taehyun has a late-night snack every day of the week, while Soobin has recently been joining him four to five days a week. Soobin revealed that he used to avoid late-night snacking because he gains weight easily, but recently picked up the habit after he noticed himself losing weight.

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While Beomgyu isn’t a big snacker, he admitted he will grab a bite or two of Soobin and Taehyun’s food at night if he catches them with something delicious.

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5. Drinks

Staying hydrated is crucial, particularly after a big performance. While TXT soak up their post-show hype, the members all have different drink preferences.

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Soobin likes to drink soda while Yeonjun prefers an iced americano. Just like at breakfast time, Beomgyu craves ice water after a show. Hueningkai, on the other hand, prefers to get this moisture from watery fruits like pineapple and blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

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