Instead of answering fans’ burning questions one by one, TXT‘s maknae Hueningkai came up with the genius yet sweet idea of responding to MOAs all at once.

Posting a list of over sixty questions that were asked on Weverse, one dealt with his ideal type. Once fans took a look at his response, many were ready to head straight to the hair salon for a new look.

txt hueningkai 1

As soon as Hueningkai saw the comment, “Oppa’s Ideal Type,” he wasn’t so sure he should be answering the question: “Um… It’s going to be okay to answer this, right? ㅋㅋㅋ” Still, he did his best to answer.

txt hueningkai 3

Hueningkai noted that he didn’t have a specific type, but there were qualities that he appreciated most. They had to match on an emotional level, “TBH, I don’t have a set ideal type yet, but I want someone who can laugh with me and share their true feelings with me!”

Naturally, the question wouldn’t be fully answered with touching on appearances.

txt hueningkai 4

As for what his ideal type would look like, Hueningkai didn’t have much of a preference. However, he did reveal that he liked short hair. “Look-wise, I’m not really picky… But if I had to mention something… Hmm… I guess I prefer short hair over long hair.

If there was one thing that fans could easily do, it was trying to get a short haircut—if they didn’t have one already.

txt hueningkai 2

Though many fans joked about getting a haircut, Hueningkai noted that it didn’t matter. The adorable maknae just wants someone as playful and honest as him.

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