Since TXT is on the smaller side for a group with five members, every member can shine brighter and showcase what they’re best at. When it came to who had the most big-brain energy, Hueningkai chose which member couldn’t be beaten.

txt hueningkai

Teen Vogue asked Hueningkai which member would be able to invent a creation that would be absolutely groundbreaking for everyday life. There was only one person he had in mind who could deliver such a tall order.

Hueningkai said, “I would choose Taehyun because he is the smartest member in this group.

With his intelligence, Taehyun would be able to make all sorts of gadgets that would make everyone’s life easier. Hueningkai said, “I think he can make things that will be very useful for everyday use.

Even though Taehyun is well-known for his hilariously witty or intellectual one-liners, he could put that big brain energy to use for some one-of-a-kind inventions.

txt taehyun

If TVXQ‘s Yunho could invent his own mask, Taehyun might be the next idol to create something useful.

See Hueningkai share why his maknae-line buddy takes the crown in the smarts department.