TXT‘s Soobin shared a funny moment with his members that he hadn’t wanted to admit. Regarding their group, his mom didn’t choose him as her favorite member.


Typically, an idol’s biggest supporter is their family, particularly their parents. That hilariously doesn’t seem like the case for Soobin, at least when it comes to choosing a favorite.

txt soobin

When faced with choosing a bias out of all the TXT members, Soobin’s mom chose none other than maknae Hueningkai. After Soobin told his members, he wasn’t the only one that was feeling betrayed.

txt hueningkai

Yeonjun joked that rather than just losing her son Soobin, she’d also lost him, Taehyun, and Beomgyu as well.

Let’s be honest, though. Every single TXT member has a soft spot for the maknae, even leader Soobin.

txt soobin hueningkai