TXT‘s Soobin shared a photo of his drawings to Weverse that had fans laughing at how accurate it was.


In the little bit of spare time that he had, Soobin drew cartoon versions of all his members.

txt soobin

He posted his funny works of art and asked fans to match the member to their drawing. From first glance, MOAs were able to guess who was who.

The faces I drew of the members. Guess who’s who.

txt soobin hueningkai taehyun beomgyu yeonjun

The eye shape, piercings, and thick lips made the first face Yeonjun‘s; the big eyes and big nose made the second Taehyun‘s; the long hair parted in the middle was none other than Hueningkai; and, the exaggerated V-shaped jaw could be no one but Beomgyu.

To make sure everyone was included and follow fans’ wishes, he also included a quick drawing of himself.

There were a lot of requests asking me to upload my face too, so I drew it in a hurry.

txt soobin 2

Although Soobin’s drawings aren’t all quite as easy on the eyes like his own, their features make it hilariously clear who he’s drawing.