Since ITZY‘s Ryujin performed TXT‘s choreography so well that she could step in as their sixth member, Soobin also proved he could be ITZY’s sixth member as well.

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During an interview for KBS‘s Music Bank, an amusing coincidence between ITZY and MC Soobin had many thinking they could’ve been a part of the same group.

While MC OH MY GIRL‘s Arin stood out with white overalls and an orange striped top, Soobin did the opposite.

Wearing white overalls on top of a striped blue shirt, it looked like Soobin had coordinated outfits with ITZY instead. The dual blue colors of his shirt matched so well with ITZY’s denim style that fans joked he was the group’s sixth member.

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From the many times that Soobin and Ryujin had fans convinced they were secretly best friends, TXT and ITZY are just too lovable.

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