TXT‘s Soobin revealed through Weverse that he was going to try Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for the first time in his life.

soobin mint ice cream 5

Trying Mint Chocolate chip~

Review: Cold toothpaste

— Soobin


As soon as Soobin uploaded his post, Beomgyu jumped in the chats to teased Soobin’s selfie skills! Beomgyu left a comment saying, “Did you use a filter from the 1970’s?? haha

soobin mint choco ice cream 2


Soobin left the most adorable-yet-heart-broken reply, “You are… You are really… so mean. I used a 2019 filter.

soobin mint ice cream 6


Next was Huening Kai‘s turn to tease the oldest member as he commented, “Is this before or after you ate it? I bet I can take a better photo than you haha

soobin mint choco ice cream 1


Soobin responded almost immediately, “Put down your spoon and go back to your room~ Huening Kai, work on taking better selfies yourself haha!

soobin mint ice cream 7


Apparently Soobin was done with both the mint chocolate chip ice cream and his members teasing him for it as he opened a jar of different ice cream for himself with the caption, “thump thump (heart beating sound)“.

soobin mint ice cream 9


These brothers never miss a chance to tease each other in the most adorable way!

soobin mint ice cream 4