TXT‘s Soobin has always had this unique ability to look stunningly handsome yet adorably cute all at the same time! And he proved that he’s always been this way with a brand new baby photo!

txt soobin baby 6

Soobin was sharing his childhood memories when he decided to bless MOAs with a brand new post on Weverse with a photo of himself as a baby. He captioned it, “Uploading this too. Baby Soobin crying so sorrowfully as revealed on Talk Today

txt soobin baby 2

In the photo, Soobin is barely a year old baby as he cries so sorrowfully with his eyes cringed and his teeth-less mouth gaping widely open. And he was just too adorable!

txt soobin baby 1 copy

But somethings never changed over the past decade or so…

And MOAs have known Soobin’s been too adorable to tell since the Ice Ages. Previously released baby photos of Soobin have shown that he’s always been cute af!

txt soobin baby 2

txt soobin baby 3

And he’s only ever known how to be cute as he’s aged!

txt soobin baby 1

That cute little baby can stop crying now because he’s grown up to become a monster rookie as one of the most highly-anticipated groups in all of K-Pop!

txt soobin baby 5