The TXT members proved their rhythm skills in episode 44 of TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and the staff were not ready for how good they were.

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 6.08.35 PM

The first game “Just Drums” involved one member playing the beat of a song on the mini drum set while the other members had to guess the song. They flew through the challenge, surprising staff with how quickly and easily they succeeded.

The boys even asked for additional challenges to make it more fun, so the staff upped the ante and did non-TXT songs, but the boys still managed to succeed fairly quickly.

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The second game was to play Rhythm Hive, a mobile rhythm game. This time, it was staff versus TXT, and it was the boys’ turn to be surprised by the staff’s skills. Nonetheless, the members managed to pull a win thanks to Soobin winning an incredibly close match with a staff member.

Their last challenge was a random dance match, where they had to dance the choreography of their song to a different song playing in the background. And after just three tries, they succeeded.

At this rate, what can’t TXT do?