It’s TXT Beomgyu‘s 19th birthday today! As the members are all celebrating his special day, Taehyun seemed to have forgotten one important thing!

taehyun beomgyu bday 3

He went on Weverse to ask his fans for suggestions on what to get Beomgyu for his birthday as a gift! He wrote, “I’m taking suggestions on birthday gifts for Beomgyu hyung.

beomgyu taehyun 2

He first began to get simple ordinary suggestions, such as a new phone, new game, a hat, and so forth. But one particular fan decided to take things up a notch.

They suggested, “Hey Taehyun, what about a simple private jet?” Taehyun didn’t have that in mind of course as he responded, “I was thinking of a car so far… Citrus Tea, Green Tea..” (Car and tea is pronounced the same as “cha” in Korean).

beomgyu taehyun 4

But another fan called out his bluff, claiming he was too rich to only be thinking about teas! They wrote, “Taehyun, I know. You couldn’t buy a private jet because you were short 100 won (~$0.08 USD), right?

And that sparked the fire that took simple suggestions to gifts that cost thousands and thousands of dollars! Taehyun jokingly confessed, “You’re right. Since I can’t [get a jet], I’m going to buy him a car.

beomgyu taehyun 3

In the end, Taehyun decided to “settle” on a middle ground – a 4.5 billion won (~$3.7 million USD) supercar!

beomgyu taehyun 1

[I’m thinking] about a 4.5 billion won supercar..

— Taehyun

Well, it appears Taehyun’s going all out for his hyung’s birthday! Beomgyu can expect not a hat, a new phone, or a jet for his birthday but a supercar worth a 100 regular cars!

taehyun beomgyu bday 4
This image is not related to TXT, it’s just an example.

It just proves that the bond between these brothers are beyond what anyone expected! Happy birthday to Beomgyu!

taehyun beomgyu bday 2