During TXT‘s press conference for their album minisode1 : Blue Hour, Hueningkai shared that the choreography for “Blue Hour” had been inspired by BTS‘s Jimin.

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In Taehyun‘s interview for Weverse Magazine, he’d been inspired by another BTS member when it came to recording his vocals for the track: Jungkook.

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Since Taehyun reaches some extremely high notes for “Blue Hour”, interviewer Kang Myung Seok asked how the notes had made it onto the track. Taehyun noted that the vocals for every song relies on the genre, “It depends on the genre, but I think rhythm and nuance are key.

Because it was disco, Taehyun focused on going with the flow. “For disco, I think it’s important to understand the rhythm and get into the groove.” Naturally, Taehyun received inspiration from a particular group to reach that conclusion.

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Taehyun pointed out their seniors’ disco anthem, “‘Dynamite’ by BTS is a fantastic example. I tried to use a more boyish voice when singing that.” To match the feel perfectly, he studied the idol that he’s known to be a total fanboy of.

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When Kang Myung Seok asked who was his inspiration, Taehyun credited BTS’s maknae for his one-of-a-kind vocals: “It was Jung Kook. I think he has really unique, unbeatable vocals.

Not only did Taehyun receive the knowledge needed to shape his vocals for “Blue Hour”, but he admitted that hearing Jungkook’s vocals sparked inspiration every single time. “He has this incredible and diverse spectrum to his voice, and I get inspired every time I listen to his songs.

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Even though BTS and Jungkook hyung aren’t always by their kids’ sides to lend a hand or offer advice, they’re still helping TXT become better artists. Just like Jimin, Jungkook would be proud.

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