During a T:TIME segment, TXT‘s Yeonjun revealed the birthday present he received from his dongsaeng Taehyun.


It was so thoughtful that it touched Yeonjun’s heart.

txt taehyun yeonjun

Taehyun had given Yeonjun a bracelet engraved with “Tomorrow X Together Yeonjun.”

Yeonjun said the present deeply touched him and felt Taehyun’s sincerity in giving it. He couldn’t forget to add in an “I love you” as well to show his thanks.

Taehyun not only planned ahead to have the gift prepared in time but included their group name to reinforce their close relationship. It’s one of the most thoughtful presents a person could receive.

txt taehyun yeonjun

Watch Yeonjun happily share the news of his birthday gift and show off himself wearing it.