TXT participated in a fun interview with Teen Vogue where they were asked random questions about themselves and each other.

The questions varied favorite school subjects, favorite slang words, and many “who is most likely to” questions. One question fans found interesting was the one Taehyun received: “who is most likely to break a world record?

Taehyun revealed that he felt Hueningkai would be the member most likely to break a world record. According to Taehyun, “Hueningkai can be a new ice man.” Sounds like a strange description, but don’t worry, Taehyun clarified what he meant by “Ice man.”

Taehyun explained that Hueningkai has a unique talent of being able to endure cold temperatures better than most people.

He is someone who can withstand cold temperatures. I think he can break the World Record for withstanding the cold.

— Taehyun

His reasoning was quite fascinating to fans.

Even if we’re shooting in winter, regardless of the clothes he’s wearing, I’ve never seen him wear a coat or use a hand warmer. He says he’s okay without it. He has a fascinating body.

— Taehyun

Check out the full video below: