After TXT‘s Hueningkai answered fans’ burning question about his ideal type through his Weverse Q&A, it was Taehyun‘s turn to respond to the question during his. Here’s what the other half of the maknae-line had to say.

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Hueningkai and Taehyun. | ebsfmlisten/Instagram

When combing through fans’ questions, there was one he couldn’t avoid. He said, “I see a lot of questions about my ideal type.

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Like Hueningkai, Taehyun didn’t have a specific idea in mind and said, “I don’t think people actually set their ‘ideal types’ in stone though, do they?” There was one thing he required in a romantic interest, though.

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Rather than focusing on appearances, Taehyun is all about the connection with someone. He said, “I think my ideal type is someone I feel affectionate for…” Taking a page out of Yeonjun‘s book, Taehyun added, “For example, like MOAs.

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Despite Taehyun being quick with witty responses for every situation, he’s extremely simple when it comes to romance.

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