The TXT members love and appreciate their leader, Soobin, very much. In a recent live broadcast, Taehyun decided to do something sweet for Soobin!

taehyun soobin
TXT’s Soobin (Left) & Taehyun (Right)

For Parents’ Day, the members made snow globe carnations for their parents. While they were making these, Taehyun made a ring for Soobin! Taehyun made a small “miscalculation” as the ring was a bit too small for Soobin!

Taehyun then quickly got to work and made the ring a bit bigger. He then explained that the ring fit his finger fine, but it was too small for Soobin.

After making some adjustments, Taehyun put the ring on Soobin’s pinky finger.

Soobin liked the ring and showed it off, saying that it’s pretty! Taehyun then heartwarmingly shared that while his parents raised him at home, Soobin raised him at the agency!

Soobin was quite touched when Taehyun said this and told him that he’s “such a nice son.”

Taehyun sure does love his Soobin hyung!

tae soo
| @TXT_members/Twitter