Fitting their title as “Monster Rookies,” much of TXT‘s choreography is on the difficult side, even for slower-paced tracks.

Although it typically takes months for groups to perfect their choreography, TXT revealed that two members could pick it up quicker than the rest.

txt after school club blue hour dance

During their round of Who’s Who with Buzzfeed, most of the members chose Yeonjun when selecting the fastest learner. He, on the other hand, picked Taehyun.

Soobin was met with agreement when claiming they both took the crown, “Taehyun and Yeonjun are usually the fastest at memorizing.

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Letting himself have a moment to brag, Yeonjun pointed out that he was slightly quicker. “I’m a little faster.” It turned out that both of them had different benefits and drawbacks attached to their quick learning.

2 txt buzzfeed yeonjun

Taehyun picked up their choreography so fast that it didn’t stick around in his memory. “Yeonjun remembers it for a long time. I tend to forget it quickly.

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Yeonjun disagreed and shared that they were the same in not keeping it memorized for a long time. “Nah. Taehyun remembers for longer than I do.

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Since they’re both solid dancers, it makes sense the two would be the quickest at picking up all the detailed movements.