In early 2021, TXT‘s Yeonjun made his K-Drama acting debut in the K-Drama Live On.

yeon jun
TXT’s Yeonjun in the K-Drama Live On

In a recent interview with Singles Korea, Yeonjun was asked about his acting debut. Yeonjun shared that the people around him didn’t know he was going to be appearing in Live On. When they saw Yeonjun suddenly appear, they asked him if it was really him.

| SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

The people around Yeonjun complimented him on his acting and said that he did better than they expected.

| SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

Yeonjun concluded by saying that he was proud of his performance. 

| SINGLES KOREA 싱글즈 매거진/YouTube

It wasn’t just Yeonjun who was proud, as MOAs (TXT’s fandom) also were proud!

Here’s the full video below!